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Cisco 200-201 Exam

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Question 181
A developer is working on a project using a Linux tool that enables writing processes to obtain these required results:
- If the process is unsuccessful, a negative value is returned.
- If the process is successful, 0 value is returned to the child process, and the process ID is sent to the parent process.
Which component results from this operation?

Question 182
An engineer discovered a breach, identified the threat's entry point, and removed access. The engineer was able to identify the host, the IP address of the threat actor, and the application the threat actor targeted. What is the next step the engineer should take according to the NIST SP 800-61 Incident handling guide?

Question 183
A user received an email attachment named `Hr402-report3662-empl621.
exe` but did not run it. Which category of the cyber kill chain should be assigned to this type of event?

Question 184
An analyst received a ticket regarding a degraded processing capability for one of the HR department's servers. On the same day an engineer noticed a disabled antivirus software and was not able to determine when or why it occurred. According to the NIST Incident Handling Guide, what is the next phase of this investigation?

Question 185
The SOC team has confirmed a potential indicator of compromise on an endpoint. The team has narrowed the executable file's type to a new trojan family.
According to the NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, what is the next step in handling this event?

Question 186
What is an incident response plan?

Question 187
What is the impact of encryption?

Question 188
Refer to the exhibit. What must be interpreted from this packet capture?
Image 200-201_188Q.png related to the Cisco 200-201 Exam

Question 189
What is the difference between the ACK flag and the RST flag?

Question 190
An automotive company provides new types of engines and special brakes for rally sports cars. The company has a database of inventions and patents for their engines and technical information. Customers can acces the database through the company's website after they register and identify themselves. Which type of protected data is accessed by customers?

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