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Cisco 200-201 Exam

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Question 121
Which technology on a host is used to isolate a running application from other application?

Question 122
Refer to the exhibit. Which type of attack is being executed?
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Question 123
What is a difference between inline traffic interrogation and traffic mirroring?

Question 124
A system administrator is ensuring that specific registry information is accurate. Which type of configuration information does the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive contain?

Question 125
Refer to the exhibit. Which packet contains a file that is extractable within Wireshark?
Image 200-201_125Q.png related to the Cisco 200-201 Exam

Question 126
Which regex matches only on all lowercase letters?

Question 127
While viewing packet capture data, an analyst sees that one IP is sending and receiving traffic for multiple devices by modifying the IP header.

Question 128
Which action should be taken if the system is overwhelmed with alerts when false positives and false negatives are compared?

Question 129
What is the impact of false positive alerts on business compared to true positive?

Question 130
An engineer needs to fetch logs from a proxy server and generate actual events according to the data received. Which technology should the engineer use to accomplish this task?

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