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Cisco 200-201 Exam

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Question 1
Which event is user interaction?

Question 2
Which security principle requires more than one person is required to perform a critical task?

Question 3
How is attacking a vulnerability categorized?

Question 4
What is a benefit of agent-based protection when compared to agentless protection?

Question 5
Which principle is being followed when an analyst gathers information relevant to a security incident to determine the appropriate course of action?

Question 6
One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems. What does CIA mean in this context?

Question 7
What is rule-based detection when compared to statistical detection?

Question 8
A user received a malicious attachment but did not run it. Which category classifies the intrusion?

Question 9
Which process is used when IPS events are removed to improve data integrity?

Question 10
An analyst is investigating an incident in a SOC environment. Which method is used to identify a session from a group of logs?

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