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Amazon SOA-C02 Exam

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Question 41
A SysOps administrator has created an AWS Service Catalog portfolio and has shared the portfolio with a second AWS account in the company. The second account is controlled by a different administrator.
Which action will the administrator of the second account be able to perform?

Question 42
A company has migrated its application to AWS. The company will host the application on Amazon EC2 instances of multiple instance families.
During initial testing, a SysOps administrator identifies performance issues on selected EC2 instances. The company has a strict budget al__cpLocation policy, so theSysOps administrator must use the right resource types with the performance characteristics to match the workload.
What should the SysOps administrator do to meet this requirement?

Question 43
A SysOps administrator is tasked with deploying a company's infrastructure as code. The SysOps administrator want to write a single template that can be reused for multiple environments.
How should the SysOps administrator use AWS CloudFormation to create a solution?

Question 44
A SysOps administrator is responsible for a large fleet of Amazon EC2 instances and must know whether any instances will be affected by upcoming hardware maintenance.
Which option would provide this information with the LEAST administrative overhead?

Question 45
A SysOps administrator is attempting to deploy resources by using an AWS CloudFormation template. An Amazon EC2 instance that is defined in the template fails to launch and produces an InsufficientInstanceCapacity error.
Which actions should the SysOps administrator take to resolve this error? (Choose two.)

Question 46
A company hosts a web application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The company uses Amazon Route 53 to route traffic.
The company also has a static website that is configured in an Amazon S3 bucket.
A SysOps administrator must use the static website as a backup to the web application. The failover to the static website must be fully automated.
Which combination of actions will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 47
A data analytics application is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. A SysOps administrator must add custom dimensions to the metrics collected by the AmazonCloudWatch agent.
How can the SysOps administrator meet this requirement?

Question 48
A company stores its data in an Amazon S3 bucket. The company is required to classify the data and find any sensitive personal information in its S3 files.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 49
A company hosts a web portal on Amazon EC2 instances. The web portal uses an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and Amazon Route 53 for its public DNS service.
The ELB and the EC2 instances are deployed by way of a single AWS CloudFormation stack in the us-east-1 Region. The web portal must be highly available across multiple Regions.
Which configuration will meet these requirements?

Question 50
A SysOps administrator is investigating why a user has been unable to use RDP to connect over the internet from their home computer to a bastion server running on an Amazon EC2 Windows instance.
Which of the following are possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)