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Amazon SOA-C02 Exam

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Question 21
A company hosts a static website on Amazon S3. The website is served by an Amazon CloudFront distribution with a default TTL of 86,400 seconds.
The company recently uploaded an updated version of the website to Amazon S3. However, users still see the old content when they refresh the site. A SysOps administrator must make the new version of the website visible to users as soon as possible.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 22
A SysOps administrator is responsible for managing a company's cloud infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation. The SysOps administrator needs to create a single resource that consists of multiple AWS services. The resource must support creation and deletion through the CloudFormation console.
Which CloudFormation resource type should the SysOps administrator create to meet these requirements?

Question 23
A new website will run on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. Amazon Route 53 will be used to manage DNS records.
What type of record should be set in Route 53 to point the website's apex domain name (for example, `company.
com`) to the Application Load Balancer?

Question 24
A company is implementing security and compliance by using AWS Trusted Advisor. The company's SysOps team is validating the list of Trusted Advisor checks that it can access.
Which factor will affect the quantity of available Trusted Advisor checks?

Question 25
A SysOps administrator is investigating issues on an Amazon RDS for MariaDB DB instance. The SysOps administrator wants to display the database load categorized by detailed wait events.
How can the SysOps administrator accomplish this goal?

Question 26
A company is planning to host an application on a set of Amazon EC2 instances that are distributed across multiple Availability Zones. The application must be able to scale to millions of requests each second.
A SysOps administrator must design a solution to distribute the traffic to the EC2 instances. The solution must be optimized to handle sudden and volatile traffic patterns while using a single static IP address for each Availability Zone.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 27
A SysOps administrator is using AWS CloudFormation StackSets to create AWS resources in two AWS Regions in the same AWS account. A stack operation fails in one Region and returns the stack instance status of OUTDATED.
What is the cause of this failure?

Question 28
A SysOps administrator must configure Amazon S3 to host a simple nonproduction webpage. The SysOps administrator has created an empty S3 bucket from theAWS Management Console. The S3 bucket has the default configuration in place.
Which combination of actions should the SysOps administrator take to complete this process? (Choose two.)

Question 29
A company is using an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster that has point-in-time recovery, backtracking, and automatic backup enabled. A SysOps administrator needs to be able to roll back the DB cluster to a specific recovery point within the previous 72 hours. Restores must be completed in the same production DB cluster.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 30
A user working in the Amazon EC2 console increased the size of an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume attached to an Amazon EC2 Windows instance. The change is not reflected in the file system.
What should a SysOps administrator do to resolve this issue?