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Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

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Question 81
Due to new compliance requirements, a Security Engineer must enable encryption with customer-provided keys on corporate data that is stored in DynamoDB.
The company wants to retain full control of the encryption keys.
Which DynamoDB feature should the Engineer use to achieve compliance'?

Question 82
A Security Engineer must design a system that can detect whether a file on an Amazon EC2 host has been modified. The system must then alert the SecurityEngineer of the modification.
What is the MOST efficient way to meet these requirements?

Question 83
A company has multiple VPCs in their account that are peered, as shown in the diagram. A Security Engineer wants to perform penetration tests of the AmazonEC2 instances in all three VPCs.
How can this be accomplished? (Choose two.)
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Question 84
The Security Engineer is managing a traditional three-tier web application that is running on Amazon EC2 instances. The application has become the target of increasing numbers of malicious attacks from the Internet.
What steps should the Security Engineer take to check for known vulnerabilities and limit the attack surface? (Choose two.)

Question 85
For compliance reasons, an organization limits the use of resources to three specific AWS regions. It wants to be alerted when any resources are launched in unapproved regions.
Which of the following approaches will provide alerts on any resources launched in an unapproved region?

Question 86
A company runs an application on AWS that needs to be accessed only by employees. Most employees work from the office, but others work remotely or travel.
How can the Security Engineer protect this workload so that only employees can access it?

Question 87
A Systems Engineer is troubleshooting the connectivity of a test environment that includes a virtual security appliance deployed inline. In addition to using the virtual security appliance, the Development team wants to use security groups and network ACLs to accomplish various security requirements in the environment.
What configuration is necessary to allow the virtual security appliance to route the traffic?

Question 88
A Security Architect is evaluating managed solutions for storage of encryption keys. The requirements are:-Storage is accessible by using only VPCs.
-Service has tamper-evident controls.
-Access logging is enabled.
-Storage has high availability.
Which of the following services meets these requirements?

Question 89
An AWS account includes two S3 buckets: bucket1 and bucket2. The bucket2 does not have a policy defined, but bucket1 has the following bucket policy:In addition, the same account has an IAM User named `alice`, with the following IAM policy.
Which buckets can user `alice` access?
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Question 90
An organization has three applications running on AWS, each accessing the same data on Amazon S3. The data on Amazon S3 is server-side encrypted by using an AWS KMS Customer Master Key (CMK).
What is the recommended method to ensure that each application has its own programmatic access control permissions on the KMS CMK?