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Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

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Question 11
An organization wants to deploy a three-tier web application whereby the application servers run on Amazon EC2 instances. These EC2 instances need access to credentials that they will use to authenticate their SQL connections to an Amazon RDS DB instance. Also, AWS Lambda functions must issue queries to the RDS database by using the same database credentials.
The credentials must be stored so that the EC2 instances and the Lambda functions can access them. No other access is allowed. The access logs must record when the credentials were accessed and by whom.
What should the Security Engineer do to meet these requirements?

Question 12
A company has a customer master key (CMK) with imported key materials. Company policy requires that all encryption keys must be rotated every year.
What can be done to implement the above policy?

Question 13
A water utility company uses a number of Amazon EC2 instances to manage updates to a fleet of 2,000 Internet of Things (IoT) field devices that monitor water quality. These devices each have unique access credentials.
An operational safety policy requires that access to specific credentials is independently auditable.
What is the MOST cost-effective way to manage the storage of credentials?

Question 14
An organization is using Amazon CloudWatch Logs with agents deployed on its Linux Amazon EC2 instances. The agent configuration files have been checked and the application log files to be pushed are configured correctly. A review has identified that logging from specific instances is missing.
Which steps should be taken to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.)

Question 15
A Security Engineer must design a solution that enables the incident Response team to audit for changes to a user's IAM permissions in the case of a security incident.
How can this be accomplished?

Question 16
A company has complex connectivity rules governing ingress, egress, and communications between Amazon EC2 instances. The rules are so complex that they cannot be implemented within the limits of the maximum number of security groups and network access control lists (network ACLs).
What mechanism will allow the company to implement all required network rules without incurring additional cost?

Question 17
An IAM user with fill EC2 permissions could bot start an Amazon EC2 instance after it was stopped for a maintenance task. Upon starting the instance, the instance state would change to `Pending`, but after a few seconds, it would switch back to `Stopped`.
An inspection revealed that the instance has attached Amazon EBS volumes that were encrypted by using a Customer Master Key (CMK). When these encrypted volumes were detached, the IAM user was able to start the EC2 instances.
The IAM user policy is as follows:
What additional items need to be added to the IAM user policy? (Choose two.)
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Question 18
A Security Administrator has a website hosted in Amazon S3. The Administrator has been given the following requirements:
- Users may access the website by using an Amazon CloudFront distribution.
- Users may not access the website directly by using an Amazon S3 URL.
Which configurations will support these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 19
A Security Engineer has created an Amazon CloudWatch event that invokes an AWS Lambda function daily. The Lambda function runs an Amazon Athena query that checks AWS CloudTrail logs in Amazon S3 to detect whether any IAM user accounts or credentials have been created in the past 30 days. The results of theAthena query are created in the same S3 bucket. The Engineer runs a test execution of the Lambda function via the AWS Console, and the function runs successfully.
After several minutes, the Engineer finds that his Athena query has failed with the error message: `Insufficient Permissions`. The IAM permissions of the SecurityEngineer and the Lambda function are shown below:Security Engineer -Lambda function execution role -What is causing the error?
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Question 20
A company requires that IP packet data be inspected for invalid or malicious content.
Which of the following approaches achieve this requirement? (Choose two.)