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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 171
What types of identities do Amazon Cognito identity pools support?
A. They support both authenticated and unauthenticated identities.
B. They support only unauthenticated identities.
C. They support neither authenticated nor unauthenticated identities.
D. They support only authenticated identities.

Question 172
In IAM, which of the following is true of temporary security credentials?
A. Once you issue temporary security credentials, they cannot be revoked.
B. None of these are correct.
C. Once you issue temporary security credentials, they can be revoked only when the virtual MFA device is used.
D. Once you issue temporary security credentials, they can be revoked.

Question 173
The CFO of a company wants to allow one of his employees to view only the AWS usage report page.
Which of the below mentioned IAM policy statements allows the user to have access to the AWS usage report page?
A. "Effect": "Allow", "Action": ["Describe"], "Resource": "Billing"
B. "Effect": "Allow", "Action": ["aws-portal: ViewBilling"], "Resource": "*"
C. "Effect": "Allow", "Action": ["aws-portal: ViewUsage"], "Resource": "*"
D. "Effect": "Allow", "Action": ["AccountUsage], "Resource": "*"

Question 174
In Amazon VPC, what is the default maximum number of BGP advertised routes allowed per route table?
A. 15
B. 100
C. 5
D. 10

Question 175
An organization has created 5 IAM users. The organization wants to give them the same login ID but different passwords. How can the organization achieve this?
A. The organization should create each user in a separate region so that they have their own URL to login
B. The organization should create a separate login ID but give the IAM users the same alias so that each one can login with their alias
C. It is not possible to have the same login ID for multiple IAM users of the same account
D. The organization should create various groups and add each user with the same login ID to different groups. The user can login with their own group ID

Question 176
The user has provisioned the PIOPS volume with an EBS optimized instance.
Generally speaking, in which I/O chunk should the bandwidth experienced by the user be measured by AWS?
A. 128 KB
B. 256 KB
C. 64 KB
D. 32 KB

Question 177
A user is planning to use EBS for his DB requirement. The user already has an EC2 instance running in the VPC private subnet.
How can the user attach the EBS volume to a running instance?
A. The user can create EBS in the same zone as the subnet of instance and attach that EBS to instance.
B. It is not possible to attach an EBS to an instance running in VPC until the instance is stopped.
C. The user can specify the same subnet while creating EBS and then attach it to a running instance.
D. The user must create EBS within the same VPC and then attach it to a running instance.

Question 178
An organization is planning to setup a management network on the AWS VPC. The organization is trying to secure the webserver on a single VPC instance such that it allows the internet traffic as well as the back-end management traffic. The organization wants to make so that the back end management network interface can receive the SSH traffic only from a selected IP range, while the internet facing webserver will have an IP address which can receive traffic from all the internetIPs.
How can the organization achieve this by running web server on a single instance?
A. It is not possible to have two IP addresses for a single instance.
B. The organization should create two network interfaces with the same subnet and security group to assign separate IPs to each network interface.
C. The organization should create two network interfaces with separate subnets so one instance can have two subnets and the respective security groups for controlled access.
D. The organization should launch an instance with two separate subnets using the same network interface which allows to have a separate CIDR as well as security groups.

Question 179
A user is trying to create a vault in AWS Glacier. The user wants to enable notifications.
In which of the below mentioned options can the user enable the notifications from the AWS console?
A. Glacier does not support the AWS console
B. Archival Upload Complete
C. Vault Upload Job Complete
D. Vault Inventory Retrieval Job Complete

Question 180
An organization is purchasing licensed software. The software license can be registered only to a specific MAC Address. The organization is going to host the software in the AWS environment.
How can the organization fulfil the license requirement as the MAC address changes every time an instance is started/stopped/terminated?
A. It is not possible to have a fixed MAC address with AWS.
B. The organization should use VPC with the private subnet and configure the MAC address with that subnet.
C. The organization should use VPC with an elastic network interface which will have a fixed MAC Address.
D. The organization should use VPC since VPC allows to configure the MAC address for each EC2 instance.