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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 141
When does an AWS Data Pipeline terminate the AWS Data Pipeline-managed compute resources?
A. AWS Data Pipeline terminates AWS Data Pipeline-managed compute resources every 2 hours.
B. When the final activity that uses the resources is running
C. AWS Data Pipeline terminates AWS Data Pipeline-managed compute resources every 12 hours.
D. When the final activity that uses the resources has completed successfully or failed

Question 142
What bandwidths do AWS Direct Connect currently support?
A. 10Mbps and 100Mbps
B. 10Gbps and 100Gbps
C. 100Mbps and 1Gbps
D. 1Gbps and 10 Gbps

Question 143
The Principal element of an IAM policy refers to the specific entity that should be allowed or denied permission, whereas the translates to everyone except the specified entity.
A. NotPrincipal
B. Vendor
C. Principal
D. Action

Question 144
Doug has created a VPC with CIDR in his AWS account. In this VPC he has created a public subnet with CIDR block
While launching a new EC2 from the console, he is not able to assign the private IP address to this instance.
Which is the most likely reason for this issue?
A. Private address IP is currently assigned to another interface
B. Private IP address is reserved by Amazon for IP networking purposes.
C. Private IP address is blocked via ACLs in Amazon infrastructure as a part of platform security.
D. Private IP address is not part of the associated subnet's IP address range.

Question 145
A user is configuring MySQL RDS with PIOPS. What should be the minimum size of DB storage provided by the user?
A. 1 TB
B. 50 GB
C. 5 GB
D. 100 GB

Question 146
The Statement element, of an AWS IAM policy, contains an array of individual statements. Each individual statement is a(n) _________ block enclosed in braces{ }.
B. JavaScript

Question 147
If no explicit deny is found while applying IAM's Policy Evaluation Logic, the enforcement code looks for any ______ instructions that would apply to the request.
A. "cancel"
B. "suspend"
C. "allow"
D. "valid"

Question 148
An organization is hosting a scalable web application using AWS. The organization has configured ELB and Auto Scaling to make the application scalable.
Which of the below mentioned statements is not required to be followed for ELB when the application is planning to host a web application on VPC?
A. The ELB and all the instances should be in the same subnet.
B. Configure the security group rules and network ACLs to allow traffic to be routed between the subnets in the VPC.
C. The internet facing ELB should have a route table associated with the internet gateway.
D. The internet facing ELB should be only in a public subnet.

Question 149
An organization (account ID 123412341234) has configured the IAM policy to allow the user to modify his credentials.
What will the below mentioned statement allow the user to perform?
Image SAP-C01_149Q.png related to the Amazon SAP-C01 Exam
A. Allow the IAM user to update the membership of the group called TestingGroup
B. The IAM policy will throw an error due to an invalid resource name
C. The IAM policy will allow the user to subscribe to any IAM group
D. Allow the IAM user to delete the TestingGroup

Question 150
A user has configured EBS volume with PIOPS. The user is not experiencing the optimal throughput.
Which of the following could not be factor affecting I/O performance of that EBS volume?
A. EBS bandwidth of dedicated instance exceeding the PIOPS
B. EBS volume size
C. EC2 bandwidth
D. Instance type is not EBS optimized