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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 121
An organization is planning to extend their data center by connecting their DC with the AWS VPC using the VPN gateway. The organization is setting up a dynamically routed VPN connection.
Which of the below mentioned answers is not required to setup this configuration?
A. The type of customer gateway, such as Cisco ASA, Juniper J-Series, Juniper SSG, Yamaha.
B. Elastic IP ranges that the organization wants to advertise over the VPN connection to the VPC.
C. Internet-routable IP address (static) of the customer gateway's external interface.
D. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System Number (ASN) of the customer gateway.

Question 122
In the context of AWS IAM, identify a true statement about user passwords (login profiles).
A. They must contain Unicode characters.
B. They can contain any Basic Latin (ASCII) characters.
C. They must begin and end with a forward slash (/).
D. They cannot contain Basic Latin (ASCII) characters.

Question 123
An organization is planning to host a Wordpress blog as well a joomla CMS on a single instance launched with VPC. The organization wants to have separate domains for each application and assign them using Route 53. The organization may have about ten instances each with two applications as mentioned above.
While launching the instance, the organization configured two separate network interfaces (primary + ENI) and wanted to have two elastic IPs for that instance. It was suggested to use a public IP from AWS instead of an elastic IP as the number of elastic IPs is restricted.
What action will you recommend to the organization?
A. I agree with the suggestion but will prefer that the organization should use separate subnets with each ENI for different public IPs.
B. I do not agree as it is required to have only an elastic IP since an instance has more than one ENI and AWS does not assign a public IP to an instance with multiple ENIs.
C. I do not agree as AWS VPC does not attach a public IP to an ENI; so the user has to use only an elastic IP only.
D. I agree with the suggestion and it is recommended to use a public IP from AWS since the organization is going to use DNS with Route 53.

Question 124
What is the default maximum number of VPCs allowed per region?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 100
D. 15

Question 125
A customer has a website which shows all the deals available across the market. The site experiences a load of 5 large EC2 instances generally.
However, a week before Thanksgiving vacation they encounter a load of almost 20 large instances. The load during that period varies over the day based on the office timings.
Which of the below mentioned solutions is cost effective as well as help the website achieve better performance?
A. Setup to run 10 instances during the pre-vacation period and only scale up during the office time by launching 10 more instances using the AutoScaling schedule.
B. Keep only 10 instances running and manually launch 10 instances every day during office hours.
C. During the pre-vacation period setup 20 instances to run continuously.
D. During the pre-vacation period setup a scenario where the organization has 15 instances running and 5 instances to scale up and down using Auto Scaling based on the network I/O policy.

Question 126
An organization is setting a website on the AWS VPC. The organization has blocked a few IPs to avoid a D-DOS attack.
How can the organization configure that a request from the above mentioned IPs does not access the application instances?
A. Create an IAM policy for VPC which has a condition to disallow traffic from that IP address.
B. Configure a security group at the subnet level which denies traffic from the selected IP.
C. Configure the security group with the EC2 instance which denies access from that IP address.
D. Configure an ACL at the subnet which denies the traffic from that IP address.

Question 127
An organization has 4 people in the IT operations team who are responsible to manage the AWS infrastructure. The organization wants to setup that each user will have access to launch and manage an instance in a zone which the other user cannot modify.
Which of the below mentioned options is the best solution to set this up?
A. Create four AWS accounts and give each user access to a separate account.
B. Create an IAM user and allow them permission to launch an instance of a different sizes only.
C. Create four IAM users and four VPCs and allow each IAM user to have access to separate VPCs.
D. Create a VPC with four subnets and allow access to each subnet for the individual IAM user.

Question 128
An organization is planning to host an application on the AWS VPC. The organization wants dedicated instances. However, an AWS consultant advised the organization not to use dedicated instances with VPC as the design has a few limitations.
Which of the below mentioned statements is not a limitation of dedicated instances with VPC?
A. All instances launched with this VPC will always be dedicated instances and the user cannot use a default tenancy model for them.
B. It does not support the AWS RDS with a dedicated tenancy VPC.
C. The user cannot use Reserved Instances with a dedicated tenancy model.
D. The EBS volume will not be on the same tenant hardware as the EC2 instance though the user has configured dedicated tenancy.

Question 129
In which step of using AWS Direct Connect should the user determine the required port speed?
A. Complete the Cross Connect
B. Verify Your Virtual Interface
C. Download Router Configuration
D. Submit AWS Direct Connect Connection Request

Question 130
In Amazon IAM, what is the maximum length for a role name?
A. 128 characters
B. 512 characters
C. 64 characters
D. 256 characters