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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 41
Your department creates regular analytics reports from your company's log files All log data is collected in Amazon S3 and processed by daily Amazon ElasticMapReduce (EMR) jobs that generate daily PDF reports and aggregated tables in CSV format for an Amazon Redshift data warehouse.
Your CFO requests that you optimize the cost structure for this system.
Which of the following alternatives will lower costs without compromising average performance of the system or data integrity for the raw data?

Question 42
You require the ability to analyze a large amount of data, which is stored on Amazon S3 using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce. You are using the cc2 8xlarge instance type, whose CPUs are mostly idle during processing. Which of the below would be the most cost efficient way to reduce the runtime of the job?

Question 43
An AWS customer is deploying an application mat is composed of an AutoScaling group of EC2 Instances.
The customers security policy requires that every outbound connection from these instances to any other service within the customers Virtual Private Cloud must be authenticated using a unique x 509 certificate that contains the specific instance-id.
In addition, an x 509 certificates must Designed by the customer's Key management service in order to be trusted for authentication.
Which of the following configurations will support these requirements?

Question 44
Your company runs a customer facing event registration site This site is built with a 3-tier architecture with web and application tier servers and a MySQL database The application requires 6 web tier servers and 6 application tier servers for normal operation, but can run on a minimum of 65% server capacity and a single MySQL database.
When deploying this application in a region with three availability zones (AZs) which architecture provides high availability?

Question 45
Your customer wishes to deploy an enterprise application to AWS, which will consist of several web servers, several application servers and a small (50GB)Oracle database. Information is stored, both in the database and the file systems of the various servers. The backup system must support database recovery whole server and whole disk restores, and individual file restores with a recovery time of no more than two hours. They have chosen to use RDS Oracle as the database.
Which backup architecture will meet these requirements?

Question 46
Your company has HQ in Tokyo and branch offices all over the world and is using a logistics software with a multi-regional deployment on AWS in Japan, Europe and USA. The logistic software has a 3-tier architecture and currently uses MySQL 5.6 for data persistence. Each region has deployed its own database.
In the HQ region you run an hourly batch process reading data from every region to compute cross-regional reports that are sent by email to all offices this batch process must be completed as fast as possible to quickly optimize logistics.
How do you build the database architecture in order to meet the requirements?

Question 47
A web design company currently runs several FTP servers that their 250 customers use to upload and download large graphic files They wish to move this system to AWS to make it more scalable, but they wish to maintain customer privacy and Keep costs to a minimum.
What AWS architecture would you recommend?

Question 48
You would like to create a mirror image of your production environment in another region for disaster recovery purposes.
Which of the following AWS resources do not need to be recreated in the second region? (Choose two.)

Question 49
Your company currently has a 2-tier web application running in an on-premises data center. You have experienced several infrastructure failures in the past two months resulting in significant financial losses. Your CIO is strongly agreeing to move the application to AWS. While working on achieving buy-in from the other company executives, he asks you to develop a disaster recovery plan to help improve Business continuity in the short term. He specifies a target Recovery TimeObjective (RTO) of 4 hours and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 hour or less. He also asks you to implement the solution within 2 weeks.
Your database is 200GB in size and you have a 20Mbps Internet connection. How would you do this while minimizing costs?

Question 50
An enterprise wants to use a third-party SaaS application. The SaaS application needs to have access to issue several API commands to discover Amazon EC2 resources running within the enterprise's account The enterprise has internal security policies that require any outside access to their environment must conform to the principles of least privilege and there must be controls in place to ensure that the credentials used by the SaaS vendor cannot be used by any other third party.
Which of the following would meet all of these conditions?