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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 151
How can multiple compute resources be used on the same pipeline in AWS Data Pipeline?

Question 152
The two policies that you attach to an IAM role are the access policy and the trust policy. The trust policy identifies who can assume the role and grants the permission in the AWS Lambda account principal by adding the _______ action.

Question 153
The MySecureData company has five branches across the globe. They want to expand their data centers such that their web server will be in the AWS and each branch would have their own database in the local data center. Based on the user login, the company wants to connect to the data center.
How can MySecureData company implement this scenario with the AWS VPC?

Question 154
One of your AWS Data Pipeline activities has failed consequently and has entered a hard failure state after retrying thrice.
You want to try it again. Is it possible to increase the number of automatic retries to more than thrice?

Question 155
True or False: In Amazon ElastiCache replication groups of Redis, for performance tuning reasons, you can change the roles of the cache nodes within the replication group, with the primary and one of the replicas exchanging roles.

Question 156
How much memory does the cr1.8xlarge instance type provide?

Question 157
How many cg1.4xlarge on-demand instances can a user run in one region without taking any limit increase approval from AWS?

Question 158
Regarding Amazon SNS, you can send notification messages to mobile devices through any of the following supported push notification services, EXCEPT:

Question 159
You want to define permissions for a role in an IAM policy. Which of the following configuration formats should you use?

Question 160
IAM Secure and Scalable is an organization which provides scalable and secure SAAS to its clients. They are planning to host a web server and App server onAWS VPC as separate tiers. The organization wants to implement the scalability by configuring Auto Scaling and load balancer with their app servers (middle tier) too.
Which of the below mentioned options suits their requirements?