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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 131
A user is planning to host a web server as well as an app server on a single EC2 instance which is a part of the public subnet of a VPC.
How can the user setup to have two separate public IPs and separate security groups for both the application as well as the web server?

Question 132
You have subscribed to the AWS Business and Enterprise support plan.
Your business has a backlog of problems, and you need about 20 of your IAM users to open technical support cases.
How many users can open technical support cases under the AWS Business and Enterprise support plan?

Question 133
While implementing the policy keys in AWS Direct Connect, if you use and the request comes from an Amazon EC2 instance, the instance's public IP address is evaluated to determine if access is allowed.

Question 134
How many g2.
2xlarge on-demand instances can a user run in one region without taking any limit increase approval from AWS?

Question 135
A user has created a MySQL RDS instance with PIOPS. Which of the below mentioned statements will help user understand the advantage of PIOPS?

Question 136
A user authenticating with Amazon Cognito will go through a multi-step process to bootstrap their credentials.
Amazon Cognito has two different flows for authentication with public providers.
Which of the following are the two flows?

Question 137
Which of the following is the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) condition operator that can be used within an Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy to check the case-insensitive matching of the ARN?

Question 138
An organization is creating a VPC for their application hosting. The organization has created two private subnets in the same AZ and created one subnet in a separate zone.
The organization wants to make a HA system with the internal ELB.
Which of these statements is true with respect to an internal ELB in this scenario?

Question 139
In Amazon ElastiCache, the failure of a single cache node can have an impact on the availability of your application and the load on your back-end database whileElastiCache provisions a replacement for the failed cache node and it get repopulated.
Which of the following is a solution to reduce this potential availability impact?

Question 140
MapMySite is setting up a web application in the AWS VPC. The organization has decided to use an AWS RDS instead of using its own DB instance for HA andDR requirements.
The organization also wants to secure RDS access.
How should the web application be setup with RDS?