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Amazon SAA-C03 Exam

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Question 71
A company runs a shopping application that uses Amazon DynamoDB to store customer information. In case of data corruption, a solutions architect needs to design a solution that meets a recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes and a recovery time objective (RTO) of 1 hour.
What should the solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

Question 72
A company runs a photo processing application that needs to frequently upload and download pictures from Amazon S3 buckets that are located in the same AWS Region. A solutions architect has noticed an increased cost in data transfer fees and needs to implement a solution to reduce these costs.
How can the solutions architect meet this requirement?

Question 73
A company recently launched Linux-based application instances on Amazon EC2 in a private subnet and launched a Linux-based bastion host on an Amazon EC2 instance in a public subnet of a VPC. A solutions architect needs to connect from the on-premises network, through the company's internet connection, to the bastion host, and to the application servers. The solutions architect must make sure that the security groups of all the EC2 instances will allow that access.
Which combination of steps should the solutions architect take to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 74
A solutions architect is designing a two-tier web application. The application consists of a public-facing web tier hosted on Amazon EC2 in public subnets. The database tier consists of Microsoft SQL Server running on Amazon EC2 in a private subnet. Security is a high priority for the company.
How should security groups be configured in this situation? (Choose two.)

Question 75
A company wants to move a multi-tiered application from on premises to the AWS Cloud to improve the application's performance. The application consists of application tiers that communicate with each other by way of RESTful services. Transactions are dropped when one tier becomes overloaded. A solutions architect must design a solution that resolves these issues and modernizes the application.
Which solution meets these requirements and is the MOST operationally efficient?

Question 76
A company receives 10 TB of instrumentation data each day from several machines located at a single factory. The data consists of JSON files stored on a storage area network (SAN) in an on-premises data center located within the factory. The company wants to send this data to Amazon S3 where it can be accessed by several additional systems that provide critical near-real-time analytics. A secure transfer is important because the data is considered sensitive.
Which solution offers the MOST reliable data transfer?