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Amazon SAA-C03 Exam

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Question 21
An ecommerce company wants to launch a one-deal-a-day website on AWS. Each day will feature exactly one product on sale for a period of 24 hours. The company wants to be able to handle millions of requests each hour with millisecond latency during peak hours.
Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

Question 22
A solutions architect is using Amazon S3 to design the storage architecture of a new digital media application. The media files must be resilient to the loss of an Availability Zone. Some files are accessed frequently while other files are rarely accessed in an unpredictable pattern. The solutions architect must minimize the costs of storing and retrieving the media files.
Which storage option meets these requirements?

Question 23
A company is storing backup files by using Amazon S3 Standard storage. The files are accessed frequently for 1 month. However, the files are not accessed after 1 month. The company must keep the files indefinitely.
Which storage solution will meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

Question 24
A company observes an increase in Amazon EC2 costs in its most recent bill. The billing team notices unwanted vertical scaling of instance types for a couple of EC2 instances. A solutions architect needs to create a graph comparing the last 2 months of EC2 costs and perform an in-depth analysis to identify the root cause of the vertical scaling.
How should the solutions architect generate the information with the LEAST operational overhead?

Question 25
A company is designing an application. The application uses an AWS Lambda function to receive information through Amazon API Gateway and to store the information in an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database.
During the proof-of-concept stage, the company has to increase the Lambda quotas significantly to handle the high volumes of data that the company needs to load into the database. A solutions architect must recommend a new design to improve scalability and minimize the configuration effort.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 26
A company needs to review its AWS Cloud deployment to ensure that its Amazon S3 buckets do not have unauthorized configuration changes.
What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this goal?

Question 27
A company is launching a new application and will display application metrics on an Amazon CloudWatch dashboard. The company's product manager needs to access this dashboard periodically. The product manager does not have an AWS account. A solutions architect must provide access to the product manager by following the principle of least privilege.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 28
A company is migrating applications to AWS. The applications are deployed in different accounts. The company manages the accounts centrally by using AWS Organizations. The company's security team needs a single sign-on (SSO) solution across all the company's accounts. The company must continue managing the users and groups in its on-premises self-managed Microsoft Active Directory.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 29
A company provides a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that uses UDP connections. The service consists of Amazon EC2 instances that run in an Auto Scaling group. The company has deployments across multiple AWS Regions.
The company needs to route users to the Region with the lowest latency. The company also needs automated failover between Regions.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 30
A development team runs monthly resource-intensive tests on its general purpose Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance with Performance Insights enabled. The testing lasts for 48 hours once a month and is the only process that uses the database. The team wants to reduce the cost of running the tests without reducing the compute and memory attributes of the DB instance.
Which solution meets these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

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