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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 161
A company is using a tape backup solution to store its key application data offsite. The daily data volume is around 50 TB. The company needs to retain the backups for 7 years for regulatory purposes. The backups are rarely accessed, and a week's notice is typically given if a backup needs to be restored.
The company is now considering a cloud-based option to reduce the storage costs and operational burden of managing tapes. The company also wants to make sure that the transition from tape backups to the cloud minimizes disruptions.
Which storage solution is MOST cost-effective?
A. Use Amazon Storage Gateway to back up to Amazon Glacier Deep Archive.
B. Use AWS Snowball Edge to directly integrate the backups with Amazon S3 Glacier.
C. Copy the backup data to Amazon S3 and create a lifecycle policy to move the data to Amazon S3 Glacier.
D. Use Amazon Storage Gateway to back up to Amazon S3 and create a lifecycle policy to move the backup to Amazon S3 Glacier.

Question 162
A company requires a durable backup storage solution for its on-premises database servers while ensuring on-premises applications maintain access to these backups for quick recovery. The company will use AWS storage services as the destination for these backups. A solutions architect is designing a solution with minimal operational overhead.
Which solution should the solutions architect implement?
A. Deploy an AWS Storage Gateway file gateway on-premises and associate it with an Amazon S3 bucket.
B. Back up the databases to an AWS Storage Gateway volume gateway and access it using the Amazon S3 API.
C. Transfer the database backup files to an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume attached to an Amazon EC2 instance.
D. Back up the database directly to an AWS Snowball device and use lifecycle rules to move the data to Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Question 163
A company decides to migrate its three-tier web application from on-premises to the AWS Cloud. The new database must be capable of dynamically scaling storage capacity and performing table joins.
Which AWS service meets these requirements?
A. Amazon Aurora
B. Amazon RDS for SqlServer
C. Amazon DynamoDB Streams
D. Amazon DynamoDB on-demand

Question 164
A company mandates that an Amazon S3 gateway endpoint must allow traffic to trusted buckets only.
Which method should a solutions architect implement to meet this requirement?
A. Create a bucket policy for each of the company's trusted S3 buckets that allows traffic only from the company's trusted VPCs.
B. Create a bucket policy for each of the company's trusted S3 buckets that allows traffic only from the company's S3 gateway endpoint IDs.
C. Create an S3 endpoint policy for each of the company's S3 gateway endpoints that blocks access from any VPC other than the company's trusted VPCs.
D. Create an S3 endpoint policy for each of the company's S3 gateway endpoints that provides access to the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the trusted S3 buckets.

Question 165
A company is using a VPC peering strategy to connect its VPCs in a single Region to allow for cross-communication. A recent increase in account creations andVPCs has made it difficult to maintain the VPC peering strategy, and the company expects to grow to hundreds of VPCs. There are also new requests to create site-to-site VPNs with some of the VPCs. A solutions architect has been tasked with creating a centrally managed networking setup for multiple accounts, VPCs, and VPNs.
Which networking solution meets these requirements?
A. Configure shared VPCs and VPNs and share to each other.
B. Configure a hub-and-spoke VPC and route all traffic through VPC peering.
C. Configure an AWS Direct Connect connection between all VPCs and VPNs.
D. Configure a transit gateway with AWS Transit Gateway and connect all VPCs and VPNs.

Question 166
A solutions architect is helping a developer design a new ecommerce shopping cart application using AWS services. The developer is unsure of the current database schema and expects to make changes as the ecommerce site grows. The solution needs to be highly resilient and capable of automatically scaling read and write capacity.
Which database solution meets these requirements?
A. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
B. Amazon DynamoDB with on-demand enabled
C. Amazon DynamoDB with DynamoDB Streams enabled
D. Amazon SQS and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Question 167
A solutions architect must migrate a Windows internet information Services (IIS) web application to AWS. The application currently relies on a file share hosted in the user's on-premises network-attached storage (NAS). The solutions architected has proposed migrating the IIS web servers to Amazon EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones that are connected to the storage solution, and configuring an Elastic Load Balancer attached to the instances.
Which replacement to the on-premises file share is MOST resilient and durable?
A. Migrate the file Share to Amazon RDS.
B. Migrate the file Share to AWS Storage Gateway
C. Migrate the file Share to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.
D. Migrate the file share to Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)

Question 168
A company needs to implement a relational database with a multi-Region disaster recovery Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 second and a Recovery TimeObjective (RTO) of 1 minute.
Which AWS solution can achieve this?
A. Amazon Aurora Global Database
B. Amazon DynamoDB global tables
C. Amazon RDS for MySQL with Multi-AZ enabled
D. Amazon RDS for MySQL with a cross-Region snapshot copy

Question 169
A company runs a web service on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across two Availability Zones. The company needs a minimum of four instances at all times to meet the required service level agreement (SLA) while keeping costs low.
If an Availability Zone fails, how can the company remain compliant with the SLA?
A. Add a target tracking scaling policy with a short cooldown period.
B. Change the Auto Scaling group launch configuration to use a larger instance type.
C. Change the Auto Scaling group to use six servers across three Availability Zones.
D. Change the Auto Scaling group to use eight servers across two Availability Zones.

Question 170
A company is reviewing its AWS Cloud deployment to ensure its data is not accessed by anyone without appropriate authorization. A solutions architect is tasked with identifying all open Amazon S3 buckets and recording any S3 bucket configuration changes.
What should the solutions architect do to accomplish this?
A. Enable AWS Config service with the appropriate rules
B. Enable AWS Trusted Advisor with the appropriate checks.
C. Write a script using an AWS SDK to generate a bucket report
D. Enable Amazon S3 server access logging and configure Amazon CloudWatch Events.

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