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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 61
A company has a multi-tier application that runs six front-end web servers in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group in a single Availability Zone behind anApplication Load Balancer (ALB). A solutions architect needs to modify the infrastructure to be highly available without modifying the application.
Which architecture should the solutions architect choose that provides high availability?

Question 62
A company runs an application on a group of Amazon Linux EC2 instances. For compliance reasons, the company must retain all application log files for 7 years.
The log files will be analyzed by a reporting tool that must access all files concurrently.
Which storage solution meets these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

Question 63
A media streaming company collects real-time data and stores it in a disk-optimized database system. The company is not getting the expected throughput and wants an in-memory database storage solution that performs faster and provides high availability using data replication.
Which database should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 64
A company hosts its product information webpages on AWS. The existing solution uses multiple Amazon C2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer in anAuto Scaling group. The website also uses a custom DNS name and communicates with HTTPS only using a dedicated SSL certificate. The company is planning a new product launch and wants to be sure that users from around the world have the best possible experience on the new website.
What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

Question 65
A solutions architect is designing the cloud architecture for a new application being deployed on AWS. The process should run in parallel while adding and removing application nodes as needed based on the number of jobs to be processed. The processor application is stateless. The solutions architect must ensure that the application is loosely coupled and the job items are durably stored.
Which design should the solutions architect use?

Question 66
A marketing company is storing CSV files in an Amazon S3 bucket for statistical analysis. An application on an Amazon EC2 instance needs permission to efficiently process the CSV data stored in the S3 bucket.
Which action will MOST securely grant the EC2 instance access to the S3 bucket?

Question 67
A company has on-premises servers that run a relational database. The database serves high-read traffic for users in different __cpLocations. The company wants to migrate the database to AWS with the least amount of effort. The database solution must support high availability and must not affect the company's current traffic flow.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 68
A company's application is running on Amazon EC2 instances within an Auto Scaling group behind an Elastic Load Balancer. Based on the application's history, the company anticipates a spike in traffic during a holiday each year. A solutions architect must design a strategy to ensure that the Auto Scaling group proactively increases capacity to minimize any performance impact on application users.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 69
A company hosts an application on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. The application processes messages from an Amazon SQS queue, writes for an AmazonRDS table, and deletes -the message from the queue. Occasional duplicate records are found in the RDS table. The SQS queue does not contain any duplicate messages.
What should a solutions architect do to ensure messages are being processed once only?

Question 70
An Amazon EC2 administrator created the following policy associated with an IAM group containing several users:
What is the effect of this policy?
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