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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 41
A financial services company has a web application that serves users in the United States and Europe. The application consists of a database tier and a web server tier. The database tier consists of a MySQL database hosted in us-east-1. Amazon Route 53 geoproximity routing is used to direct traffic to instances in the closest Region. A performance review of the system reveals that European users are not receiving the same level of query performance as those in the UnitedStates.
Which changes should be made to the database tier to improve performance?

Question 42
A company hosts a static website on-premises and wants to migrate the website to AWS. The website should load as quickly as possible for users around the world. The company also wants the most cost-effective solution.
What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this?

Question 43
A solutions architect is designing storage for a high performance computing (HPC) environment based on Amazon Linux. The workload stores and processes a large amount of engineering drawings that require shared storage and heavy computing.
Which storage option would be the optimal solution?

Question 44
A company is performing an AWS Well-Architected Framework review of an existing workload deployed on AWS. The review identified a public-facing website running on the same Amazon EC2 instance as a Microsoft Active Directory domain controller that was install recently to support other AWS services. A solutions architect needs to recommend a new design that would improve the security of the architecture and minimize the administrative demand on IT staff.
What should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 45
A company hosts a static website within an Amazon S3 bucket. A solutions architect needs to ensure that data can be recovered in case of accidental deletion.
Which action will accomplish this?

Question 46
A company's production application runs online transaction processing (OLTP) transactions on an Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance. The company is launching a new reporting tool that will access the same data. The reporting tool must be highly available and not impact the performance of the production application.
How can this be achieved?

Question 47
A company runs an application in a branch office within a small data closet with no virtualized compute resources. The application data is stored on an NFS volume. Compliance standards require a daily offsite backup of the NFS volume.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 48
A company's web application is using multiple Linux Amazon EC2 instances and storing data on Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes. The company is looking for a solution to increase the resiliency of the application in case of a failure and to provide storage that complies with atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID).
What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

Question 49
A security team to limit access to specific services or actions in all of the team's AWS accounts. All accounts belong to a large organization in AWS Organizations.
The solution must be scalable and there must be a single point where permissions can be maintained.
What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this?

Question 50
A data science team requires storage for nightly log processing. The size and number of logs is unknown and will persist for 24 hours only.
What is the MOST cost-effective solution?