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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 21
A company's web application uses an Amazon RDS PostgreSQL DB instance to store its application data. During the financial closing period at the start of every month, Accountants run large queries that impact the database's performance due to high usage. The company wants to minimize the impact that the reporting activity has on the web application.
What should a solutions architect do to reduce the impact on the database with the LEAST amount of effort?

Question 22
A company wants to migrate a high performance computing (HPC) application and data from on-premises to the AWS Cloud. The company uses tiered storage on premises with hot high-performance parallel storage to support the application during periodic runs of the application, and more economical cold storage to hold the data when the application is not actively running.
Which combination of solutions should a solutions architect recommend to support the storage needs of the application? (Choose two.)

Question 23
A company's application is running on Amazon EC2 instances in a single Region. In the event of a disaster, a solutions architect needs to ensure that the resources can also be deployed to a second Region.
Which combination of actions should the solutions architect take to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

Question 24
A solutions architect needs to ensure that API calls to Amazon DynamoDB from Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC do not traverse the internet.
What should the solutions architect do to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

Question 25
A company's legacy application is currently relying on a single-instance Amazon RDS MySQL database without encryption. Due to new compliance requirements, all existing and new data in this database must be encrypted.
How should this be accomplished?

Question 26
A manufacturing company wants to implement predictive maintenance on its machinery equipment. The company will install thousands of IoT sensors that will send data to AWS in real time. A solutions architect is tasked with implementing a solution that will receive events in an ordered manner for each machinery asset and ensure that data is saved for further processing at a later time.
Which solution would be MOST efficient?

Question 27
A company's website runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The website has a mix of dynamic and static content. Users around the globe are reporting that the website is slow.
Which set of actions will improve website performance for users worldwide?

Question 28
A company has been storing analytics data in an Amazon RDS instance for the past few years. The company asked a solutions architect to find a solution that allows users to access this data using an API. The expectation is that the application will experience periods of inactivity but could receive bursts of traffic within seconds.
Which solution should the solutions architect suggest?

Question 29
A company must generate sales reports at the beginning of every month. The reporting process launches 20 Amazon EC2 instances on the first of the month. The process runs for 7 days and cannot be interrupted. The company wants to minimize costs.
Which pricing model should the company choose?

Question 30
A gaming company has multiple Amazon EC2 instances in a single Availability Zone for its multiplayer game that communicates with users on Layer 4. The chief technology officer (CTO) wants to make the architecture highly available and cost-effective.
What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)?

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