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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 271
Management has decided to deploy all AWS VPCs with IPv6 enabled. After some time, a solutions architect tries to launch a new instance and receives an error stating that there is not enough IP address space available in the subnet.
What should the solutions architect do to fix this?

Question 272
A company has a build server that is in an Auto Scaling group and often has multiple Linux instances running. The build server requires consistent and mountable shared NFS storage for jobs and configurations.
Which storage option should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 273
A company has an image processing workload running on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) in two private subnets. Each private subnet uses aNAT instance for internet access. All images are stored in Amazon S3 buckets. The company is concerned about the data transfer costs between Amazon ECS and Amazon S3.
What should a solutions architect do to reduce costs?

Question 274
The financial application at a company stores monthly reports in an Amazon S3 bucket. The vice president of finance has mandated that all access to these reports be logged and that any modifications to the log files be detected.
Which actions can a solutions architect take to meet these requirements?

Question 275
A company has an on-premises volume backup solution that has reached its end of life. The company wants to use AWS as part of a new backup solution and wants to maintain local access to all the data while it is backed up on AWS. The company wants to ensure that the data backed up on AWS is automatically and securely transferred.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 276
A company is using a third-party vendor to manage its marketplace analytics. The vendor needs limited programmatic access to resources in the company's account. All the needed policies have been created to grant appropriate access.
Which additional component will provide the vendor with the MOST secure access to the account?

Question 277
A company is developing an ecommerce application that will consist of a load-balanced front end, a container-based application, and a relational database. A solutions architect needs to create a highly available solution that operates with as little manual intervention as possible.
Which solutions meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 278
A company has an ecommerce application that stores data in an on-premises SQL database. The company has decided to migrate this database to AWS.
However, as part of the migration, the company wants to find a way to attain sub-millisecond responses to common read requests.
A solutions architect knows that the increase in speed is paramount and that a small percentage of stale data returned in the database reads is acceptable.
What should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 279
A company has an application that ingests incoming messages. These messages are then quickly consumed by dozens of other applications and microservices.
The number of messages varies drastically and sometimes spikes as high as 100,000 each second. The company wants to decouple the solution and increase scalability.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 280
A solutions architect is designing the cloud architecture for a company that needs to host hundreds of machine learning models for its users. During startup, the models need to load up to 10 GB of data from Amazon S3 into memory, but they do not need disk access. Most of the models are used sporadically, but the users expect all of them to be highly available and accessible with low latency.
Which solution meets the requirements and is MOST cost-effective?