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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 141
A company has global users accessing an application deployed in different AWS Regions, exposing public static IP addresses. The users are experiencing poor performance when accessing the application over the internet.
What should a solutions architect recommend to reduce internet latency?

Question 142
A company wants to migrate a workload to AWS. The chief information security officer requires that all data be encrypted at rest when stored in the cloud. The company wants complete control of encryption key lifecycle management.
The company must be able to immediately remove the key material and audit key usage independently of AWS CloudTrail. The chosen services should integrate with other storage services that will be used on AWS.
Which services satisfies these security requirements?

Question 143
A company recently deployed a two-tier application in two Availability Zones in the us-east-1 Region. The databases are deployed in a private subnet while the web servers are deployed in a public subnet. An internet gateway is attached to the VPC. The application and database run on Amazon EC2 instances. The database servers are unable to access patches on the internet. A solutions architect needs to design a solution that maintains database security with the least operational overhead.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 144
A company has an application with a REST-based interface that allows data to be received in near-real time from a third-party vendor. Once received, the application processes and stores the data for further analysis. The application is running on Amazon EC2 instances.
The third-party vendor has received many 503 Service Unavailable Errors when sending data to the application. When the data volume spikes, the compute capacity reaches its maximum limit and the application is unable to process all requests.
Which design should a solutions architect recommend to provide a more scalable solution?

Question 145
A solutions architect needs to design a low-latency solution for a static single-page application accessed by users utilizing a custom domain name. The solution must be serverless, encrypted in transit, and cost-effective.
Which combination of AWS services and features should the solutions architect use? (Choose two.)

Question 146
A company is migrating to the AWS Cloud. A file server is the first workload to migrate. Users must be able to access the file share using the Server MessageBlock (SMB) protocol. Which AWS managed service meets these requirements?

Question 147
A solutions architect is designing a customer-facing application. The application is expected to have a variable amount of reads and writes depending on the time of year and clearly defined access patterns throughout the year. Management requires that database auditing and scaling be managed in the AWS Cloud. TheRecovery Point Objective (RPO) must be less than 5 hours.
Which solutions can accomplish this? (Choose two.)

Question 148
A company has migrated an on-premises Oracle database to an Amazon RDS for Oracle Multi-AZ DB instance in the us-east-l Region. A solutions architect is designing a disaster recovery strategy to have the database provisioned in the us-west-2 Region in case the database becomes unavailable in the us-east-1Region. The design must ensure the database is provisioned in the us-west-2 Region in a maximum of 2 hours, with a data loss window of no more than 3 hours.
How can these requirements be met?

Question 149
A monolithic application was recently migrated to AWS and is now running on a single Amazon EC2 instance. Due to application limitations, it is not possible to use automatic scaling to scale out the application. The chief technology officer (CTO) wants an automated solution to restore the EC2 instance in the unlikely event the underlying hardware fails.
What would allow for automatic recovery of the EC2 instance as quickly as possible?

Question 150
A solutions architect is working on optimizing a legacy document management application running on Microsoft Windows Server in an on-premises data center.
The application stores a large number of files on a network file share. The chief information officer wants to reduce the on-premises data center footprint and minimize storage costs by moving on-premises storage to AWS.
What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

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