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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 1
A solutions architect is designing a solution where users will be directed to a backup static error page if the primary website is unavailable. The primary website'sDNS records are hosted in Amazon Route 53 where their domain is pointing to an Application Load Balancer (ALB).
Which configuration should the solutions architect use to meet the company's needs while minimizing changes and infrastructure overhead?

Question 2
A solutions architect is designing a high performance computing (HPC) workload on Amazon EC2. The EC2 instances need to communicate to each other frequently and require network performance with low latency and high throughput.
Which EC2 configuration meets these requirements?

Question 3
A company wants to host a scalable web application on AWS. The application will be accessed by users from different geographic regions of the world.
Application users will be able to download and upload unique data up to gigabytes in size. The development team wants a cost-effective solution to minimize upload and download latency and maximize performance.
What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this?

Question 4
A company is migrating from an on-premises infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. One of the company's applications stores files on a Windows file server farm that uses Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) to keep data in sync. A solutions architect needs to replace the file server farm.
Which service should the solutions architect use?

Question 5
A company has a legacy application that processes data in two parts. The second part of the process takes longer than the first, so the company has decided to rewrite the application as two microservices running on Amazon ECS that can scale independently.
How should a solutions architect integrate the microservices?

Question 6
A company captures clickstream data from multiple websites and analyzes it using batch processing. The data is loaded nightly into Amazon Redshift and is consumed by business analysts. The company wants to move towards near-real-time data processing for timely insights. The solution should process the streaming data with minimal effort and operational overhead.
Which combination of AWS services are MOST cost-effective for this solution? (Choose two.)

Question 7
A company's application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. On the first day of every month at midnight, the application becomes much slower when the month-end financial calculation batch executes. This causes the CPU utilization of the EC2 instances to immediately peak to 100%, which disrupts the application.
What should a solutions architect recommend to ensure the application is able to handle the workload and avoid downtime?

Question 8
A company runs a multi-tier web application that hosts news content. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones and use an Amazon Aurora database. A solutions architect needs to make the application more resilient to periodic increases in request rates.
Which architecture should the solutions architect implement? (Choose two.)

Question 9
An application running on AWS uses an Amazon Aurora Multi-AZ deployment for its database. When evaluating performance metrics, a solutions architect discovered that the database reads are causing high I/O and adding latency to the write requests against the database.
What should the solutions architect do to separate the read requests from the write requests?

Question 10
A recently acquired company is required to build its own infrastructure on AWS and migrate multiple applications to the cloud within a month. Each application has approximately 50 TB of data to be transferred. After the migration is complete, this company and its parent company will both require secure network connectivity with consistent throughput from their data centers to the applications. A solutions architect must ensure one-time data migration and ongoing network connectivity.
Which solution will meet these requirements?