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Amazon DVA-C01 Exam

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Question 61
A developer is deploying an application that will store files in an Amazon S3 bucket. The files must be encrypted at rest. The developer wants to automatically replicate the files to an S3 bucket in a different AWS Region for disaster recovery.
How can the developer accomplish this task with the LEAST amount of configuration?

Question 62
A serverless application is using AWS Step Functions to process data and save it to a database. The application needs to validate some data with an external service before saving the data. The application will call the external service from an AWS Lambda function, and the external service will take a few hours to validate the data. The external service will respond to a webhook when the validation is complete.
A developer needs to pause the Step Functions workflow and wait for the response from the external service.
What should the developer do to meet this requirement?

Question 63
A developer must use AWS X-Ray to monitor an application that is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. The developer has prepared the application by using theX-Ray SDK.
What should the developer do to perform the monitoring?

Question 64
A developer is designing a full-stack serverless application. Files for the website are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. AWS Lambda functions that use AmazonAPI Gateway endpoints return results from an Amazon DynamoDB table.
The developer must create a solution that securely provides registration and authentication for the application while minimizing the amount of configuration.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 65
A company has an application that writes files to an Amazon S3 bucket. Whenever there is a new file, an S3 notification event invokes an AWS Lambda function to process the file. The Lambda function code works as expected. However, when a developer checks the Lambda function logs, the developer finds that multiple invocations occur for every file.
What is causing the duplicate entries?

Question 66
A developer needs to use the AWS CLI on an on-premises development server temporarily to access AWS services while performing maintenance. The developer needs to authenticate to AWS with their identity for several hours.
What is the MOST secure way to call AWS CLI commands with the developer's IAM identity?

Question 67
An AWS Lambda function accesses two Amazon DynamoDB tables. A developer wants to improve the performance of the Lambda function by identifying bottlenecks in the function.
How can the developer inspect the timing of the DynamoDB API calls?

Question 68
A developer deployed an application to an Amazon EC2 instance. The application needs to know the public IPv4 address of the instance.
How can the application find this information?

Question 69
A developer is designing an AWS Lambda function to perform a maintenance activity. The developer will use Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) to invoke the function on an hourly schedule. The developer wants the function to log information at different levels of detail according to the value of a log level variable. The developer must design the function so that the log level can be set without requiring a change to the function code.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 70
A developer is creating a serverless application that uses an AWS Lambda function The developer will use AWS CloudFormation to deploy the application The application will write logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. The developer has created a log group in a CloudFormation template for the application to use. The developer needs to modify the CloudFormation template to make the name of the log group available to the application at runtime.
Which solution will meet this requirement?