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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

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Question 81
A Database Specialist must create a read replica to isolate read-only queries for an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. Immediately after creating the read replica, users that query it report slow response times.
What could be causing these slow response times?

Question 82
A company developed an AWS CloudFormation template used to create all new Amazon DynamoDB tables in its AWS account. The template configures provisioned throughput capacity using hard-coded values. The company wants to change the template so that the tables it creates in the future have independently configurable read and write capacity units assigned.
Which solution will enable this change?

Question 83
A retail company with its main office in New York and another office in Tokyo plans to build a database solution on AWS. The company's main workload consists of a mission-critical application that updates its application data in a data store. The team at the Tokyo office is building dashboards with complex analytical queries using the application data. The dashboards will be used to make buying decisions, so they need to have access to the application data in less than 1 second.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 84
A company is using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. The Security team wants all database connection requests to be logged and retained for 180 days. The RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance is currently using the default parameter group. A Database Specialist has identified that setting the log_connections parameter to 1 will enable connections logging.
Which combination of steps should the Database Specialist take to meet the logging and retention requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 85
A Database Specialist is creating a new Amazon Neptune DB cluster, and is attempting to load data from Amazon S3 into the Neptune DB cluster using theNeptune bulk loader API. The Database Specialist receives the following error:`Unable to connect to s3 endpoint. Provided source = s3://mybucket/graphdata/ and region = us-east-1. Please verify yourS3 configuration.
`Which combination of actions should the Database Specialist take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)

Question 86
A database specialist manages a critical Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance for a company. The data stored daily could vary from .
01% to 10% of the current database size. The database specialist needs to ensure that the DB instance storage grows as needed.
What is the MOST operationally efficient and cost-effective solution?

Question 87
A company is due for renewing its database license. The company wants to migrate its 80 TB transactional database system from on-premises to the AWS Cloud.
The migration should incur the least possible downtime on the downstream database applications. The company's network infrastructure has limited network bandwidth that is shared with other applications.
Which solution should a database specialist use for a timely migration?

Question 88
A database specialist is responsible for an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance with one read replica. The DB instance and the read replica are assigned to the default parameter group. The database team currently runs test queries against a read replica. The database team wants to create additional tables in the read replica that will only be accessible from the read replica to benefit the tests.
Which should the database specialist do to allow the database team to create the test tables?

Question 89
A company has a heterogeneous six-node production Amazon Aurora DB cluster that handles online transaction processing (OLTP) for the core business andOLAP reports for the human resources department. To match compute resources to the use case, the company has decided to have the reporting workload for the human resources department be directed to two small nodes in the Aurora DB cluster, while every other workload goes to four large nodes in the same DB cluster.
Which option would ensure that the correct nodes are always available for the appropriate workload while meeting these requirements?

Question 90
Developers have requested a new Amazon Redshift cluster so they can load new third-party marketing data. The new cluster is ready and the user credentials are given to the developers. The developers indicate that their copy jobs fail with the following error message:`Amazon Invalid operation: S3ServiceException:Access Denied,Status 403,Error AccessDenied.
`The developers need to load this data soon, so a database specialist must act quickly to solve this issue.
What is the MOST secure solution?