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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

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Question 11
The Development team recently executed a database script containing several data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) statements on an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. The release accidentally deleted thousands of rows from an important table and broke some application functionality.
This was discovered 4 hours after the release. Upon investigation, a Database Specialist tracked the issue to a DELETE command in the script with an incorrectWHERE clause filtering the wrong set of rows.
The Aurora DB cluster has Backtrack enabled with an 8-hour backtrack window. The Database Administrator also took a manual snapshot of the DB cluster before the release started. The database needs to be returned to the correct state as quickly as possible to resume full application functionality. Data loss must be minimal.
How can the Database Specialist accomplish this?

Question 12
A company is load testing its three-tier production web application deployed with an AWS CloudFormation template on AWS. The Application team is making changes to deploy additional Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda resources to expand the load testing capacity. A Database Specialist wants to ensure that the changes made by the Application team will not change the Amazon RDS database resources already deployed.
Which combination of steps would allow the Database Specialist to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

Question 13
A manufacturing company's website uses an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster.
Which configurations will result in the LEAST application downtime during a failover? (Choose three.)

Question 14
A company is hosting critical business data in an Amazon Redshift cluster. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, the cluster is encrypted at rest using AWSKMS. As a part of disaster recovery requirements, the company needs to copy the Amazon Redshift snapshots to another Region.
Which steps should be taken in the AWS Management Console to meet the disaster recovery requirements?

Question 15
A company has a production Amazon Aurora Db cluster that serves both online transaction processing (OLTP) transactions and compute-intensive reports. The reports run for 10% of the total cluster uptime while the OLTP transactions run all the time. The company has benchmarked its workload and determined that a six- node Aurora DB cluster is appropriate for the peak workload.
The company is now looking at cutting costs for this DB cluster, but needs to have a sufficient number of nodes in the cluster to support the workload at different times. The workload has not changed since the previous benchmarking exercise.
How can a Database Specialist address these requirements with minimal user involvement?

Question 16
A company is running a finance application on an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. The application is governed by multiple financial regulatory agencies.
The RDS DB instance is set up with security groups to allow access to certain Amazon EC2 servers only. AWS KMS is used for encryption at rest.
Which step will provide additional security?

Question 17
A company needs a data warehouse solution that keeps data in a consistent, highly structured format. The company requires fast responses for end-user queries when looking at data from the current year, and users must have access to the full 15-year dataset, when needed. This solution also needs to handle a fluctuating number incoming queries. Storage costs for the 100 TB of data must be kept low.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 18
A gaming company wants to deploy a game in multiple Regions. The company plans to save local high scores in Amazon DynamoDB tables in each Region. ADatabase Specialist needs to design a solution to automate the deployment of the database with identical configurations in additional Regions, as needed. The solution should also automate configuration changes across all Regions.
Which solution would meet these requirements and deploy the DynamoDB tables?

Question 19
A team of Database Specialists is currently investigating performance issues on an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance and is reviewing related metrics. The team wants to narrow the possibilities down to specific database wait events to better understand the situation.
How can the Database Specialists accomplish this?

Question 20
A large company is using an Amazon RDS for Oracle Multi-AZ DB instance with a Java application. As a part of its disaster recovery annual testing, the company would like to simulate an Availability Zone failure and record how the application reacts during the DB instance failover activity. The company does not want to make any code changes for this activity.
What should the company do to achieve this in the shortest amount of time?