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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

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Question 101
A database specialist deployed an Amazon RDS DB instance in Dev-VPC1 used by their development team. Dev-VPC1 has a peering connection with Dev-VPC2 that belongs to a different development team in the same department. The networking team confirmed that the routing between VPCs is correct; however, the database engineers in Dev-VPC2 are getting a timeout connections error when trying to connect to the database in Dev-VPC1.
What is likely causing the timeouts?

Question 102
A company has a production environment running on Amazon RDS for SQL Server with an in-house web application as the front end. During the last application maintenance window, new functionality was added to the web application to enhance the reporting capabilities for management. Since the update, the application is slow to respond to some reporting queries.
How should the company identify the source of the problem?

Question 103
An electric utility company wants to store power plant sensor data in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The utility company has over 100 power plants and each power plant has over 200 sensors that send data every 2 seconds. The sensor data includes time with milliseconds precision, a value, and a fault attribute if the sensor is malfunctioning. Power plants are identified by a globally unique identifier. Sensors are identified by a unique identifier within each power plant. A database specialist needs to design the table to support an efficient method of finding all faulty sensors within a given power plant.
Which schema should the database specialist use when creating the DynamoDB table to achieve the fastest query time when looking for faulty sensors?

Question 104
A company is releasing a new mobile game featuring a team play mode. As a group of mobile device users play together, an item containing their statuses is updated in an Amazon DynamoDB table. Periodically, the other users' devices read the latest statuses of their teammates from the table using the BatchGetltemn operation.
Prior to launch, some testers submitted bug reports claiming that the status data they were seeing in the game was not up-to-date. The developers are unable to replicate this issue and have asked a database specialist for a recommendation.
Which recommendation would resolve this issue?

Question 105
A company is running an Amazon RDS for MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance for a business-critical workload. RDS encryption for the DB instance is disabled. A recent security audit concluded that all business-critical applications must encrypt data at rest. The company has asked its database specialist to formulate a plan to accomplish this for the DB instance.
Which process should the database specialist recommend?

Question 106
A company is migrating its on-premises database workloads to the AWS Cloud. A database specialist performing the move has chosen AWS DMS to migrate anOracle database with a large table to Amazon RDS. The database specialist notices that AWS DMS is taking significant time to migrate the data.
Which actions would improve the data migration speed? (Choose three.)

Question 107
A company is migrating a mission-critical 2-TB Oracle database from on premises to Amazon Aurora. The cost for the database migration must be kept to a minimum, and both the on-premises Oracle database and the Aurora DB cluster must remain open for write traffic until the company is ready to completely cut over to Aurora.
Which combination of actions should a database specialist take to accomplish this migration as quickly as possible? (Choose two.)

Question 108
A company has a 20 TB production Amazon Aurora DB cluster. The company runs a large batch job overnight to load data into the Aurora DB cluster. To ensure the company's development team has the most up-to-date data for testing, a copy of the DB cluster must be available in the shortest possible time after the batch job completes.
How should this be accomplished?

Question 109
A company has two separate AWS accounts: one for the business unit and another for corporate analytics. The company wants to replicate the business unit data stored in Amazon RDS for MySQL in us-east-1 to its corporate analytics Amazon Redshift environment in us-west-1. The company wants to use AWS DMS withAmazon RDS as the source endpoint and Amazon Redshift as the target endpoint.
Which action will allow AVS DMS to perform the replication?

Question 110
A database specialist is managing an application in the us-west-1 Region and wants to set up disaster recovery in the us-east-1 Region. The Amazon AuroraMySQL DB cluster needs an RPO of 1 minute and an RTO of 2 minutes.
Which approach meets these requirements with no negative performance impact?