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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam

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Question 71
A company has a fleet of cargo ships. The cargo ships have sensors that collect data at sea, where there is intermittent or no internet connectivity. The company needs to collect, format, and process the data at sea and move the data to AWS later.
Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?
A. AWS IoT Core
B. Amazon Lightsail
C. AWS Storage Gateway
D. AWS Snowball Edge

Question 72
A retail company needs to build a highly available architecture for a new ecommerce platform. The company is using only AWS services that replicate data across multiple Availability Zones.
Which AWS services should the company use to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)
A. Amazon EC2
B. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
C. Amazon Aurora
D. Amazon DynamoDB
E. Amazon Redshift

Question 73
Which characteristic of the AWS Cloud helps users eliminate underutilized CPU capacity?
A. Agility
B. Elasticity
C. Reliability
D. Durability

Question 74
Service control policies (SCPs) manage permissions for which of the following?
A. Availability Zones
B. AWS Regions
C. AWS Organizations
D. Edge __cpLocations

Question 75
Which AWS service can be used to encrypt data at rest?
A. Amazon GuardDuty
B. AWS Shield
C. AWS Security Hub
D. AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)

Question 76
Which characteristics are advantages of using the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.)
A. A 100% service level agreement (SLA) for all AWS services
B. Compute capacity that is adjusted on demand
C. Availability of AWS Support for code development
D. Enhanced security
E. Increases in cost and complexity

Question 77
A user is storing objects in Amazon S3. The user needs to restrict access to the objects to meet compliance obligations.
What should the user do to meet this requirement?
A. Use AWS Secrets Manager.
B. Tag the objects in the S3 bucket.
C. Use security groups.
D. Use network ACLs.

Question 78
A company wants to convert video files and audio files from their source format into a format that will play on smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.
Which AWS service will meet these requirements?
A. Amazon Elastic Transcoder
B. Amazon Comprehend
C. AWS Glue
D. Amazon Rekognition

Question 79
Which of the following are benefits of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling? (Choose two.)
A. Improved health and availability of applications
B. Reduced network latency
C. Optimized performance and costs
D. Automated snapshots of data
E. Cross-Region Replication

Question 80
A company has several departments. Each department has its own AWS accounts for its applications. The company wants all AWS costs on a single invoice to simplify payment, but the company wants to know the costs that each department is incurring.
Which AWS tool or feature will provide this functionality?
A. AWS Cost and Usage Reports
B. Consolidated billing
C. Savings Plans
D. AWS Budgets

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