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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam

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Question 41
Which tasks are the responsibility of AWS, according to the AWS shared responsibility model? (Choose two.)
A. Patch the Amazon EC2 guest operating system.
B. Upgrade the firmware of the network infrastructure.
C. Apply password rotation for IAM users.
D. Maintain the physical security of edge __cpLocations.
E. Maintain least privilege access to the root user account.

Question 42
Which of the following are features of network ACLs as they are used in the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.)
A. They are stateless.
B. They are stateful.
C. They evaluate all rules before allowing traffic.
D. They process rules in order, starting with the lowest numbered rule, when deciding whether to allow traffic.
E. They operate at the instance level.

Question 43
A company has designed its AWS Cloud infrastructure to run its workloads effectively. The company also has protocols in place to continuously improve supporting processes.
Which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework does this scenario represent?
A. Security
B. Performance efficiency
C. Cost optimization
D. Operational excellence

Question 44
Which AWS service or feature can be used to create a private connection between an on-premises workload and an AWS Cloud workload?
A. Amazon Route 53
B. Amazon Macie
C. AWS Direct Connect
D. AWS PrivateLink

Question 45
A company needs to graphically visualize AWS billing and usage over time. The company also needs information about its AWS monthly costs.
Which AWS Billing and Cost Management tool provides this data in a graphical format?
A. AWS Bills
B. Cost Explorer
C. AWS Cost and Usage Report
D. AWS Budgets

Question 46
A company wants to run production workloads on AWS. The company needs concierge service, a designated AWS technical account manager (TAM), and technical support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Which AWS Support plan will meet these requirements?
A. AWS Basic Support
B. AWS Enterprise Support
C. AWS Business Support
D. AWS Developer Support

Question 47
Which architecture design principle describes the need to isolate failures between dependent components in the AWS Cloud?
A. Use a monolithic design.
B. Design for automation.
C. Design for single points of failure.
D. Loosely couple components.

Question 48
Which AWS services are managed database services? (Choose two.)
A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
B. Amazon S3
C. Amazon RDS
D. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
E. Amazon DynamoDB

Question 49
A company is using the AWS Free Tier for several AWS services for an application.
What will happen if the Free Tier usage period expires or if the application use exceeds the Free Tier usage limits?
A. The company will be charged the standard pay-as-you-go service rates for the usage that exceeds the Free Tier usage.
B. AWS Support will contact the company to set up standard service charges.
C. The company will be charged for the services it consumed during the Free Tier period, plus additional charges for service consumption after the Free Tier period.
D. The company's AWS account will be frozen and can be restarted after a payment plan is established.

Question 50
A company recently deployed an Amazon RDS instance in its VPC. The company needs to implement a stateful firewall to limit traffic to the private corporate network.
Which AWS service or feature should the company use to limit network traffic directly to its RDS instance?
A. Network ACLs
B. Security groups
D. Amazon GuardDuty

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