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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam

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Question 81
A company runs its workloads on premises. The company wants to forecast the cost of running a large application on AWS.
Which AWS service or tool can the company use to obtain this information?

Question 82
A company wants to eliminate the need to guess infrastructure capacity before deployments. The company also wants to spend its budget on cloud resources only as the company uses the resources.
Which advantage of the AWS Cloud matches the company's requirements?

Question 83
Which AWS service supports a hybrid architecture that gives users the ability to extend AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to data centers, co- __cpLocation environments, or on-premises facilities?

Question 84
A company has a physical tape library to store data backups. The tape library is running out of space. The company needs to extend the tape library's capacity to the AWS Cloud.
Which AWS service should the company use to meet this requirement?

Question 85
An online retail company has seasonal sales spikes several times a year, primarily around holidays. Demand is lower at other times. The company finds it difficult to predict the increasing infrastructure demand for each season.
Which advantages of moving to the AWS Cloud would MOST benefit the company? (Choose two.)

Question 86
Which AWS service can be used to turn text into lifelike speech?

Question 87
Which AWS service or tool can be used to capture information about inbound and outbound traffic in an Amazon VPC?

Question 88
A company wants to ensure that two Amazon EC2 instances are in separate data centers with minimal communication latency between the data centers.
How can the company meet this requirement?

Question 89
In which situations should a company create an IAM user instead of an IAM role? (Choose two.)

Question 90
Which AWS services should a company use to read and write data that changes frequently? (Choose two.)

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