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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam

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Question 21
A company needs to simultaneously process hundreds of requests from different users.
Which combination of AWS services should the company use to build an operationally efficient solution?

Question 22
What is the scope of a VPC within the AWS network?

Question 23
Which of the following are components of an AWS Site-to-Site VPN connection? (Choose two.)

Question 24
A company needs to establish a connection between two VPCs. The VPCs are located in two different AWS Regions. The company wants to use the existing infrastructure of the VPCs for this connection.
Which AWS service or feature can be used to establish this connection?

Question 25
According to the AWS shared responsibility model, what responsibility does a customer have when using Amazon RDS to host a database?

Question 26
What are some advantages of using Amazon EC2 instances to host applications in the AWS Cloud instead of on premises? (Choose two.)

Question 27
A user needs to determine whether an Amazon EC2 instance's security groups were modified in the last month.
How can the user see if a change was made?

Question 28
Which AWS service will help protect applications running on AWS from DDoS attacks?

Question 29
Which AWS service or feature acts as a firewall for Amazon EC2 instances?

Question 30
How does the AWS Cloud pricing model differ from the traditional on-premises storage pricing model?