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Amazon CLF-C01 Exam

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Question 101
Which AWS service can be used to decouple applications?

Question 102
Which disaster recovery option is the LEAST expensive?

Question 103
Which type of AWS storage is ephemeral and is deleted when an Amazon EC2 instance is stopped or terminated?

Question 104
Which of the following is a characteristic of the AWS account root user?

Question 105
A company hosts an application on an Amazon EC2 instance. The EC2 instance needs to access several AWS resources, including Amazon S3 and AmazonDynamoDB.
What is the MOST operationally efficient solution to delegate permissions?

Question 106
Which of the following is a component of the AWS Global Infrastructure?

Question 107
What is the purpose of having an internet gateway within a VPC?

Question 108
Which AWS service allows users to download security and compliance reports about the AWS infrastructure on demand?

Question 109
A pharmaceutical company operates its infrastructure in a single AWS Region. The company has thousands of VPCs in a various AWS accounts that it wants to interconnect.
Which AWS service or feature should the company use to help simplify management and reduce operational costs?

Question 110
A company is planning an infrastructure deployment to the AWS Cloud. Before the deployment, the company wants a cost estimate for running the infrastructure.
Which AWS service or feature can provide this information?

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